At Labrador, we provide a wide range of technical services focused on the oil and gas sector.

Well Engineering and Wellsite Consultants

Labrador has been providing specialist well engineering and wellsite consultants to the local oil and gas sector for over 35 years.

Our consultants are fully insured and managed door to door.  Many of our consultants have decades of experience.  Whilst Labrador can provide consultants of almost any Well Engineering discipline our main consulting streams are well engineering and construction and well operations management.

Well Engineering and Construction

With experience managing drilling projects both locally and internationally, our team deliver a holistic approach to well engineering and construction including environmental and safety considerations, budgetary control, procurement strategy and equipment selection.

Well Operations Management

Labrador plans and manages well operations utilising its “gated” Well Construction Management Process and following its well-established Well Construction Standards. The gated process takes projects through phases from definition, concept development, detailed design, well operations to closeout.

Each phase goes through an assurance process before moving to the next stage. Every phase runs in parallel with risk, change and knowledge management activities. Projects are managed by experienced drilling managers, typically with over 25 years of experience.

Well Test and Completion Engineering

With a view across the full well life cycle, Labrador develop and implement completion and well test designs to best suit our client’s needs. As part of our service offering, we can oversee all aspects of procurement, planning, risk assessment and work programming inclusive of management of third-party contractors and regulatory requirements.

Well Integrity Management

Going beyond well construction; Labrador provide flexible well integrity solutions supporting the full life of well including maintenance and intervention services to maximise the productive life and reliability of your well portfolio.

Well Intervention Services

Throughout the life of a well there may be a need for re-entry to add production, investigate a production or pressure anomaly or install/remove a barrier. Labrador has in-house expertise that can assist with all aspect of well intervention from planning through to execution.

Production Technology

Production Technology provides that essential interface between the sand face (reservoir) and the completion. At this critical juncture in a well is where production can be optimised or destroyed. Labrador can provide the expertise for this interface to ensure that completion designs are optimised for the specific reservoir properties and production requirements.


Labrador’s philosophy towards well decommissioning encompasses financial due-diligence and feasibility studies through to end-to-end well decommissioning solutions. This includes detailed planning, well decommissioning design, commercial and project management, provision of all required personnel and technology road maps. We are actively involved in the planning and execution of some of Australasia’s largest decommissioning projects. Leveraging the experience of our established technical panel we bring international best practices to the local market.

Drill Bit Analysis and Selection

Our in-house team have a combined 30+ years of experience designing and evaluating drill bits. Through a refined process, Labrador have developed a proven method for offset review, data analysis and selection of the best drill bits for each application. We have performed this service for a variety of clients spanning exploration, appraisal and development in both local and international markets.

Scopes of Validation

Mandatory due diligence, exercise performed on behalf of the regulator to ensure processes, standards are in line with industry best practice.

Source Control Emergency Response Plans and Exercises

Source Control Emergency Response Plans (SCERP) are now a part of all well plans within Australia. A detailed SCERP should integrate seamlessly into an Emergency Response Plan and cover well-specific details – allowing the response team to react in a controlled manner. Labrador has developed SCERPs for operators around Australia and has also conducted exercises to ensure the source control teams are familiar with and can execute the SCERP.

Incident Management Support

Labrador is able to assist clients by providing trained incident / oil spill response support (up to IMO 3) to allow for 24 hour or long term coverage during a protracted incident.