Blowout Engineers is a division of Sierra Hamilton in the USA.  Blowout Engineers provides specialist well control engineering services and well control response.  Together with Labrador they bring well control knowledge and expertise together with local knowledge and expertise to give Australian and New Zealand clients and regulators comfort in knowing a well control contingency plan is in place and tailored to the local conditions and is well / field specific.

Greenlight Environmental provides Environmental consulting to the oil and gas industry.  They are a recognised leader in the development of Environmental Plans, Oil Pollution Emergency Plans and Environmental Audits

Riziliens is a leading business continuity consultancy.  They are recognised in Australia as a leading in incident and crisis management advise and training.

RP Squared encourage clients to continually challenge the status quo, driving out unnecessary costs and time, improving the bottom line.  Through workshops and coaching people will stop doing the things they don’t need to do and improve the things that they do need to do. Teams will learn how to believe in their own potential (“what’s possible”) and take the necessary steps to get there.

Molyneux Advisors are a leading provider of subsurface insight to the oil and gas industry. Unlocking asset value through the provision of development, exploration and project management services.