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Labrador Petro-Management (LPM) was established in 1987 and the first of its type in Australia - to supply drilling consultants to the growing local oil and gas industry.  LPM has grown to become the premier provider of well construction professionals in Australia and New Zealand.  

Unlike many of its competitors - LPM is owned and operated by Senior Drilling Professionals with a combined drilling and completions experience onshore and offshore of over 100 years.

In 2009 LPM established Welltrain Pty Ltd - a drilling and well Services training company to improve the way well control training was delivered to the local industry.  Welltrain has grown into a recognised leader in well control training in Australia.

In early 2018 LPM elected to refocus back to its core business of consulting and project management - selling its interest in Welltrain to MODU Resources.


Our Vision at LPM is to be recognised as an industry leader in the provision of consulting Well Construction Professionals, Drilling & Well Services Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and a provider of world class Drilling Project Management services.